Cost and Advantages of a First Floor Addition to Your Home in Sydney

Cost and Advantages of a First Floor Addition to Your Home in Sydney

Advantages of First Floor Additions & Renovations to a semi house, terrace house or top floor apartment in Sydney.

Building a first floor addition and renovating a semi house, terrace house or top floor apartment in Sydney is a great way to create a medium sized, low maintenance house in a cost effective way and has multiple advantages, namely:

1. Add value to your existing semi house, terrace or top floor apartment and avoid capital gains tax when you eventually sell your primary residence

2. Lower entry level property purchase price than a freestanding house.

3. Lower building and renovation costs than for a freestanding house.

4. Achieve house size accommodation on smaller blocks of land.

5. Purchase in great suburbs close to the city with great public transport (again at less cost than a house).

6. Stay in the suburb of your choice if you already own your property.

7. Select lower entry priced properties than a house close to all of the exciting lifestyle and entertainment options of the   inner city.

8. Easier, cheaper and much quicker to get approval from Council than for larger projects (subject to Council’s planning guidelines).

9. Smaller properties, thus requiring less garden and building maintenance.

10. Easy and quick to build for experienced design and building professionals (such as Domus Homes).

11. High demand from purchasers for the end product.

12. With professional guidance, strong capital gains can be achieved.

13. Many opportunities still exist to add first floor additions and to renovate older terrace houses, semi houses or top floor apartments to suit your personal tastes and accommodation requirements in exciting areas of Sydney.

14. Great alternative for couples, downsizers or empty nesters where the main bedroom can be designed at ground floor level with additional accommodation for grand kids, guests, sewing, study and movie room which can be built at first floor level.


Why Use Domus Homes to Deliver Your Custom Designed, Cost Effective Terrace House, Semi House or Top Floor Apartment First Floor Addition and Renovation From Concept to Completion?

Designing and delivering a first floor addition and renovation to a terrace, semi home or apartment for you in Sydney is made easy with Domus Homes because we do everything for you and we have decades of experience. You deal with the principal of Domus Homes from Concept to Completion in a one stop shop scenario for everything.

Domus Homes delivers the full building, project management and interior design services to you at extremely economical costs, but without compromising on the service level, design or building quality. Our building and interior designers are of the best in Sydney.

Our builders are handpicked for their reliability, quality and economy. Our wholesalers are accessible to you so that you save more money. Everything Domus Homes does is designed to maximise its service to you whilst minimising your costs and delivering exceptional quality.

Domus Homes will ensure that the process is made easy for you so that you enjoy the process and the creation of your new terrace, semi or apartment first floor addition and renovation. We will come to you and we will listen to you and design and build your dream first floor addition and renovation efficiently, economically, quickly and in the style that suits your tastes.


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