Bungalow Renovation and Addition

Testimonial for Bungalow Renovation and Addition


As luxury home project managers, Domus Homes is a team of professionals with the experience and track record to undertake your building project.



“My wife and I had planned to alter and extend our two-bedroom California bungalow with an additional bathroom, new laundry, new living room together with new dining room and kitchen about two years ago.  Through attending a number of auctions, we had been impressed with the modern design of living room which is integrated with dining room and kitchen.


With the above in mind, we began to search the internet in order to find the suitable company to do the job. As a result, Domus Homes was found and selected. The main reasons why Domus Homes was chosen to do the job are:

  • The company provided a document which clearly explained all the steps involved in a project like ours and the associated fees.
  • The company’s director, David Edelstein is a person to whom I could easily talk.



In addition, Domus Homes’ service covers all aspects of the project such as architectural design, DA application, construction management and the associated services at a very competitive cost.


Through the entire period of the project, my wife and I had a number of meetings with David. We had been very impressed by his professional attitude which was reflected by the fact that he was very keen to listen our views and able to accurately and timely communicated them to the architect, consultants and builder. As a result, the project proceeded as planned and we were very satisfied because of the following:

  • A modern architectural design satisfying our requirements e.g. high ceiling, large span and north lights;
  • A detailed and appealing interior design e.g. lighting, bathroom and kitchen;
  • Relatively quick DA approval with fewer restrictions;
  • Effective construction management;
  • Timely and cost-effective construction with a good quality.



In view of the above, my wife and I highly recommend David and his team at Domus Homes to carry out your home alteration, addition or new home construction.”


Mr Billy Tan and Ms Shue Tian
– 2019