The Domus Homes Philosophy

Whether you need luxury home builders, project managers or custom home designers, we’ve got you covered…


Finding luxury home builders who share your desire to create something special at affordable prices, just got a whole lot easier! We at Domus Homes believe that; “home is where the heart is,” a place of sanctuary away from the pressures of modern day life. We understand that a home should express our clients’ individuality and sense of beauty and proportion – a sense of embodiment of the finer things in life. Your home should also be functionally representative of your lifestyle requirements, whatever they may be.


But a home is more than a “castle,” it is also a significant financial investment. At some stage you are going to want to make a change, either adding value to your property in the form of a renovation or a new home from the ground up.


Need luxury home builders in Sydney? Domus Homes will deliver your custom designed home having regard to your site, ecologically sustainable design and orientation issues for maximum efficiency and your individual spatial requirements. Whatever your needs…


  • Luxury home builders
  • Project management services
  • Architectural design services
  • New home construction services
  • Freestanding or semi detached home renovations
  • Terrace or apartment renovations
  • Granny flats


Domus Homes is a premier boutique Design and Construction Management Service company for new homes and renovations. From “concept to completion,” building a home is a time consuming, for some an all consuming process, juggled haphazardly with work and family commitments. At Domus Homes it is our business to free your time for the pursuit of business and leisure. Let us manage this process for you.


We understand how to deal with Council and a plethora of consultants and contractors efficiently, making it easy for you and saving you time.  Building a luxury home is not an easy undertaking for those whose professional expertise lies elsewhere. As our slogan says; “building dreams into reality” is our expertise.


Renovating or building a luxury home is not a straightforward task and unless a professional and knowledgeable approach is taken, your dream may forever remain just a dream. At Domus Homes we ensure that every facet of the project is planned to ensure your luxury home builders turn your dream into reality. We have the experience!


Expert management of the process from “concept to completion” by the professionals at Domus Homes will ensure a safe, easy and enjoyable experience, whilst providing you with exceptional levels of service and support. A first rate team of consultants with a wealth of experience make up the building blocks of our company, which is committed to excellence within the residential housing market.


Why search for luxury home builders in Sydney any longer? At Domes Homes, we have the solutions you seek.