Luxury New Home Builders In South Coogee And Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Luxury New Home Builders In South Coogee And Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

The clients wanted a luxury new home building expressing their adventurous personalities.

From the start of the design process, the client wanted a house that not only reflected their eclectic and sophisticated tastes, but also picked up on elements from its seaside location.



Views, light, cross ventilation and privacy maximized.

This was done by orientating the house, its doors and windows and its solid walls so as to maximize views, light, cross ventilation and privacy. On entering the house, the visitor is immediately drawn into the gun barrel sea view through a large picture frame sliding door opposite the entry, whilst the neighbours disappear as if they do not exist. Picture framed views are a significant feature throughout this house. The feeling in the house is one of complete privacy and it feels like you are alone, overlooking the sea from an isolated beach house, yet, you are in the midst of sea side suburbia.



The Domus Homes’ interior designer helps create house interiors to achieve a unique beach side feel.

Using the Domus Homes’ interior designer, the materials and colours used provide a new house building with exciting finishes and unusual features. These include sandstone tiled floors which replicate the sandy beaches below. There are porthole windows alongside the main stairwell each with a different colour glass in them reflecting the colours internally. A porthole from the internal shower allows views to the sea through the rumpus room. The internal walls are white, but all the internal doors and frames are light blue like the nearby sea. A large sliding door separating the rumpus room from a bedroom has an aged paint finish to reflect flotsam and jetsam on the beach. The guest bathroom features unusual wall and floor tiles from Spain. Externally, the house is boldly red and grey, expressing excitement and anticipation for what flows through the inside of the house.



The master bedroom suite is fully integrated with the bathroom for view maximization.

Another original design feature of this new home building is the bathroom and bedroom are a fully integrated room with the toilet screened off for privacy. This has been designed in order to enjoy beach views not only from the bedroom area, but also from the bath and shower.



A stunning home.

The result of all the above is an original home design, built to the highest quality, where both the clients and the designer fed off each others’ enthusiasm to explore and create something quite original and breathtaking, economically.


Concept to completion new home building delivery service by Domus Homes.

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