Requirements for Building Duplexes or Dual Occupancies in Waverley Council.


Do you own a 450m2 or larger block of residentially zoned land in the Waverley Council area of Bondi, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, North Bondi, Queens Park, Dover Heights, Waverley, Tamarama, Ben Buckler, Rose Bay, Bronte, Bronte Beach or Vaucluse? Then, it’s now easier in these locations to knockdown and rebuild a Duplex or Dual Occupancy building project on your land because a 15.0m wide site frontage is no longer a requirement for Dual Occupancy building projects in Waverley Council’s recently gazetted LEP 2012. Duplexes or Dual Occupancies are assessed now on merit and according to the general planning rules of Waverley Council. Domus Homes can assist you with great design and building expertise for your Duplex or Dual Occupancy building project.

Building New Duplex or Dual Occupancy Homes – The Advantages.

Are you a landowner, investor, downsizer or empty nester with residentially zoned land of 450m2 or more in the Waverley Council area? Here are some reasons why you should consider carrying out a knockdown rebuild into a Dual Occupancy comprising either two semis, two townhouse or a two level Dual Occupancy apartment building.

Some advantages of undertaking the development of a Duplex, Semi, Townhouse or Dual Occupancy building projects are:

  1. Downsize from your large house into a smaller brand new home and rent out the second home.
  2. Downsize from your large home into a smaller brand new home and sell the second home.
  3. Maximise the value of your land.
  4. Build two brand new houses and sell both.
  5. Use the added value of a Duplex or Dual Occupancy approval to fund your project.
  6. Build two new homes and receive depreciation and negative gearing benefits.
  7. Take advantage of other tax benefits because your primary residence is capital gains tax exempt.
  8. Take advantage of economy of scale when building two residences simultaneously.
  9. Easy and quick to design and build (using experienced professionals such as Domus Homes).
  10. Easy and quick to get approved (using experienced professionals such as Domus Homes).
  11. Achieve large capital gains.
  12. Create two houses with strong market appeal.
  13. Build two low maintenance houses on smaller blocks of land.

Why Use Domus Homes to Deliver Your Duplex or Dual Occupancy, Two Semis or Two Townhouse Building Project From Concept to Completion?    

Domus Homes has vast experience in delivering custom designed and built projects from high rise to small renovations all over Sydney. By dealing directly with the principal of Domus Homes, you get the full benefit of decades of experience from concept to completion in a one stop shop business model. You, as our client are our focus. Domus Homes understands that you are the medium for Domus Homes’ business growth.

Designing and delivering a Duplex, Semi, Townhouse or Dual Occupancy building project for you in Waverley Council’s Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is made easy with Domus Homes because we do everything for you and we have decades of experience.

Domus Homes delivers the full custom design, project management and interior design services to you at extremely economical prices, but without compromising on the service level, design or building quality. Our building and interior designers are of the best in Sydney.

Our builders are handpicked for their reliability, quality and economy. The building owners all work on site so you have the business owners’ full commitment to your building project. Our wholesalers are accessible to you so that you save more money. Everything Domus Homes does is designed to maximise its service to you whilst minimising your costs whilst delivering exceptional quality.

Domus Homes will ensure that the process is made easy for you so that you enjoy the process and the creation of your new Semi, Terrace or Dual Occupancy home building project. We will come to you and we will listen to you and design and build your dream homes efficiently, economically, quickly from Concept to Completion and in the style that suits your tastes and budget.


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