Advantages of a first floor addition to your home

Advantages of a first floor addition to your home

First Floor Additions to your house, semi, terrace or top floor apartment in Sydney are a great way to add value and additional accommodation in a cost effective way in the design style of your choice.   

The advantages of carrying out a First Floor Addition to your house in Sydney are: 

  1.  Add value to your house, semi, terrace or apartment 
  2.  Avoid Capital Gains Tax by adding value to your primary residence 
  3.  Add accommodation to your house, semi, terrace or apartment Stay in your neighbourhood and location which you like so much 
  4. Limit your costs of delivering a new house for you to live in and enjoy with the experienced guidance of Domus Homes 
  5. Live in what is effectively a brand new house 
  6. Get the design of your First Floor Addition to suit your accommodation, lifestyle, style and budget requirements 
  7. Avoid endless searching for a suitable alternative house. 
  8.  Avoid buying someone else’s first floor addition and paying them a premium for their work 
  9. Avoid buying and selling your house and giving away nearly 10% of the purchase price in unproductive costs such as Stamp Duty, agents’ fees, marketing fees, moving costs, legal fees. 
  10.  Benefit financially from your own endeavours to create your First Floor Addition with Domus Homes’ experienced guidance 
  11. Get involved in an exciting and creatively designed First Floor Addition from Concept to Completion using Domus Homes 


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